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I'm in a ton of fandoms, but my main ones would be Arrow, Doctor Who, SPN, Sherlock, WTNV, Hannibal and Homestuck. I also play and blog about a ton of video games. Half of the Arrow posts I make are about Olicity, so tumblr savior it, if you don't ship it. I tag all my stuff. Feel free to message me with fangirl feels/squees.

My last username was animefreak120.

If you see your art on my blog and you want it taken down, just give me a message with the link and I'll delete the post. 

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Burial at Sea Elizabeth + Colours 

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Sorry, Gran…

Friend you wish to draw? Will you draw nezushi please??
kinsdura said—
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I went as Cecil, with captjackqueerness  as Carlos, from Welcome to Night Vale to GeekGirlCon 2014, complete with Glow Cloud and tiny Khoshekh on my shoulder. 

We encountered quite a few AMAZING Night Vale cosplayers, but due to holding the Glow Cloud, I lack more pictures. If you see, know, or happen to be one of the people we took photos with, please post them and let me know! I want to see how great we all looked! 


*SWEATS* this was not supposed to be so long I don’t know what happened I’M SORRY. I would like to say this is the sappiest thing I’ve ever drawn but that’s probably a lie. 

Anyway have a hastily drawn cecilos reunion because if the show won’t give me one I’ll do it myself gdi. Anticlimactic ‘lol let’s go to sleep’ ending because honestly I’m pretty sure that’s all I would want to do if I just stumbled out of sandy hell. 

(UHHHUH by the way if there’s anything other than ‘long post’ I can tag this with to avoid spamming everyone with the longest post of all time please let me know ._. I tried rearranging the photoset format but the resizing isn’t really cooperating with me so?)


Arrow meme: Favorite moment [2/?] 2x02 Identity

I don’t like the idea that somebody dangerous is out there. Somebody else. Because, typically, they don’t show my level of restraint.


Bioshock Infinite X Attack on Titan crossover!!!

Wait …….what…….?

Erwin “Ayyyyyyyy gurl”

crosswhenwegetthere nijero


An old piece of Bioshock fanart. Booker eats everything.